Annual Meeting
An annual meeting is held each year for the association. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the status of the community and to review the budget for the upcoming year. There may also be an election of members of the community onto the Board of Directors. Nominations for these seats are accepted from those in attendance.
Please note that the presence of one-tenth of the Association Members in person or via proxy shall constitute a quorum necessary to hold the Annual meeting. If you are not able to attend the meeting we ask that you please sign and return the mailed proxy. If you send in your proxy but then you are able to attend the meeting your proxy will be returned to you upon your signing in at the meeting.
Your neighbors at The Peninsula, Akela Cove, Yorktown Pointe and Jamesford Meadows participate in placing luminaries in front of their homes and in common areas along the roadway. The Luminary Night is a large social event where family, friends and neighbors gather to light the luminaries and walk or drive through the neighborhoods to enjoy the lights. This usually occurs on the second Sunday after Thanksgiving. Please watch the weather carefully and look for announcements of postponement if it looks like rain is likely!
The community needs everyone’s assistance to make this event a success. All homeowners are responsible for the street in front of their property. If you will not be at home on the night the luminaries are lit, choose not to participate, or need help with your supplies, please ask a neighbor to help you. Luminaries should be picked up from the street and disposed of the next day. Thank you for your support and involvement with Luminary Night.
Home Improvements
Adding a fence, outbuilding, changing colors on the exterior, installing siding? Don’t forget to get the proper permits from the City of High Point, and obtain approval from the Peninsula Architectural Committee before starting your project. The Architectural Approval form can be found on the Documents page.
Traffic Issues
There have been complaints of speeding. Please slow down and stay alert, we have small children playing outside and people walking. Please remind other family members that the speed limit is 25 MPH.
Please be courteous and use your driveways or garages to park your cars. Cars should not be parked on the street overnight. If you need to park temporarily on the street, please park your vehicle close to the curb, and preferably not across from a driveway, where it can get backed into.
Resident Directory
If your information has not been added to the resident directory, please use the form on the Welcome page to submit. We would like to use your email address to notify you of events, warnings about crime in our area, etc. In order to find someone’s email address you must first login to the web site, so your email will only be used for HOA or neighborhood business. If you have any issues, please contact the webmaster using the contact form.
Satellite Dishes
Satellite dishes are a major concern to members. The Association allows small satellite dishes to be professionally installed on the owners’ lot in a location conducive to receiving signals. The Association recommends that these dishes be installed on the rear or side of homes. Please have them installed as inconspicuously as possible; dishes do detract from the overall appearance of your homes.
Walking your dog
Please remember to clean up after your dog.
Recycling (green) and trash (brown) containers are provided by the City of High Point. Recycling bins are picked up every other week while the trash is picked up every week. Our normal pickup day is on Thursdays except for weeks with a holiday.
Leaf Pickup
Loose leaf pickup is provided by the City of High Point. Leaves should never be raked into the street; they will clog up the storm drains and fill up our ponds. Loose leaves should be raked and left behind the curb. Please check the City of High Point website for the pickup dates. Leaves can be bagged and will be picked up on our trash day each week.
The ponds are for use by members of James Landing only. Fishing is allowed but is catch and release only. Motorized boats are not allowed.

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